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Wer sind wir?  / Who are we?

We are the primary organization representing all instructors of  German language and German-language cultures in Oklahoma, from the elementary school level through the university.

In 2009, we had 23 active members, representing about 40% of all German instructors in our state. (About 2/3rds of current members teach at college and university level and about 1/3rd at the high school, middle school, and elementary schools levels. This means that, at present, fewer than 25% of our Oklahoma high school, middle school, and elementary school German teachers are current members. Therefore, a central goal over the next year is to increase active membership among those teachers.)
We are the local, state chapter of the larger national oraganization The American Association of Teachers of German, or "AATG." When one joins AATG, one automatically becomes a member also of our state chapter. Membership in AATG opens up a world of educational, instructional, and travel opportunities for teachers and their students and thus is a absolute must for all committed German teachers.

Unsere Aufgabe /  Our Mission

We support Oklahoma German teachers and their students by promoting the highest quality teaching of German, for instance, by providing professional training opportunities for German instructors and coordinating German educational and cultural events for students. Additionally, we provide a forum for German instructors at all levels to exchange knowledge. Futhermore, we serve as a bridge to the community, letting our fellow Oklahomans know the value of maintaining, improving, and increasing German programs in our state. 

OKAATG Vize-Präsidentin, Angie Novak, mit ex-Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder in einem Spielzeugladen, Hannover, Sommer 2009


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